Boom is more than just incredible group fitness classes, it’s a place to connect and push each other in an environment where we become one. We want to challenge the average Jane & Joe to no longer be average. We’ve created a culture for the common, one that doesn’t quit, and truly cares about YOU! Become part of the BOOM!



Our Functional Circuit Training or Boom Burn sessions combine lighter weight and higher rep with strength, body conditioning movements and metabolic exercises to help boom up your metabolism and increase your aerobic capacity. We use a variety of movements and equipment including kettlebells, dumbbells, sandbags, battle-ropes, sleds and other aerobic machines to turn up the heat, and fire up your fat burning zone. These sessions are trainer led, and a perfect way to bring the boom!




Our Functional Body Building or Boom Build sessions combine compound strength exercises like squat, press, pushing, and pulling while using various equipment like plates, kettlebells, dumbbells, TRX etc. We include isolated strength exercises and metabolic conditioning to support lean muscle building and toning, and improve your overall balance and function through corresponding mobility movements. Each phase of our strength program incorporates different set and rep schemes to build lean muscle, shred fat, and keep you coming back for more. We end each session with a metabolic boom to keep you burning calories all day.



Joining the Boom Culture provides you more than just the group circuit sessions we offer. As an added bonus we will have regular organized specialty studio sessions including, Yoga, Barre, HIGH Fitness, Dirtylicious, Sculpt and others to bring new and exciting challenges to your workout. Classes will be posted and you can sign up for any of the sessions with your unlimited membership. We also have an awesome partnership with SWEAT Cycle House exclusive to Boom members! Ask us about more details on #SCH and get your ride on!


We provide effective, simple, and efficient nutrition plans that help you reach your goals. We focus on functional nutrition that meets the demand of everyday life. We hate the word diet! We want to help you eliminate some of your vices and supplement them with good wholesome nutrition that doesn’t leave you feeling ‘hangry’. We focus on Macro based plans, but break it down to understanding your metabolic rate and tailoring a solution that meets your lifestyle and goals. Life is meant to be lived and enjoyed. We believe in creating a plan that allows you to do that in a healthy and sustainable way.


Here’s our schedules and times. Some of these sessions may change, but will be posted here live.

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