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Boom Or Bust!

Boom’s primary purpose is to provide a positive atmosphere where our members can achieve a level of fitness that fits their lifestyle. Through our guided group fitness sessions and personal training, our members will receive an end-to-end program created through a balance of fitness, health, nutrition, and supplement education. Are you ready? BOOM!

Group Fitness

We specialize in organized functional fitness sessions led by trainers dedicated to your goals. Our Boom Burn and Boom Build sessions are group workouts using our top of the line equipment. Each session can be tailored to the needs of members to create an optimal workout for any fitness level.

Speciality Classes

HIGH Fitness, spin, yoga, and turbo TRX are some of the specialty sessions we offer. We invite special guests to come in and provide a unique fitness course to our members. We believe part of fitness is enjoying the process and our specialty classes are the best way to mix up your weekly routine.

Youth Programs

We have specially designed Youth programs that focus on speed, endurance, and corrective weight training to strengthen your young athlete and ensure stronger and faster performance in any sport.

Our Vision

We are your every day average Joe and Jane, living life. We have work, kids, school, sports, dance and everything in between to run to and be part of. We strive for a healthy lifestyle. And sometimes that works, and other times it’s not as easy. We wanted to bring something to the everyday Joe out there, like us. A Place where everyone feels welcome, encouraged and pushed to be better, to do better. Most importantly, we wanted a place that could simplify the chaos that is getting healthy, fit and most importantly… Happy!


Boom hits every single one of those points. We provide a balanced workout, that’s simple, fun and most importantly effective. We balance your nutrition to help you meet your goals, in a way that doesn’t require hours of meal prep or cooking in the kitchen. It’s a culture! A lifestyle that as a team we work together to achieve. We’re average Joe’s no more! We’re here to help you achieve your health goals, whether that be building muscle, losing fat, getting stronger, faster or whatever. We can help you get there. It’s not a quick fit scheme. It’s a challenge that YOU take on to be better. And we are here to hold you accountable. So if you’re ready to join the Lifestyle, then Boom is here to take you on!

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